Our team of professional in-house producers, engineers and musicians have built Black Wall's reputation for delivering high-quality recordings on time and budget. Our acoustically treated, air-conditioned recording rooms can comfortably accommodate up to a six-piece band for tracking sessions. While our control room houses the finest modern recording equipment available and is a comfortable and inspirational environment for both musician and engineer.

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Our Work

The Bright Young Things - Ghostly Confidence

The Bright Young Things debut album was tracked produced, engineered, and mixed in house at Black Wall Studios.

Head Producer & Audio Engineer

Josh Marx - Recording Producer and Audio Engineer

Josh Marx

Josh is a sound engineer, composer, producer and musician specialising in mixing, editing, production/arrangement and recording. With over 8 years of industry experience and 4 years working at Black Wall Studios, Josh has produced and engineered electronic music, bands, singer-songwriters and podcasts/dialog. See the playlist below to hear a number of his recordings produced at Black Wall Studios...