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Our team of professional in-house producers, engineers and musicians have built Black Wall's reputation for delivering high-quality recordings on time and budget. Our acoustically treated, air-conditioned recording rooms can comfortably accommodate up to a six-piece band for tracking sessions. While our control room houses the finest modern recording equipment available and is a comfortable and inspirational environment for both musician and engineer.

  • Album's

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  • Demo's

  • Mixing

  • Mastering

  • Tracking

  • Producing

  • Songwriting & Arranging

  • Location Recordings

  • Voiceovers

Our Work

Our Work

The Bright Young Things - Ghostly Confidence

The Bright Young Things debut album was tracked, produced, engineered, and mixed in house at Black Wall Studios.

Chiara Sorbello - Out Of Love

Chiara was awarded a complimentary vocal recording session as the winner of the 2022 Hornsby Singing Eisteddfod, organised by Famous Productions. This track was tracked, engineered, and mixed in house at Black Wall Studios.

Head Producer & Audio Engineer

Josh Marx - Recording Producer and Audio Engineer

Josh Marx

Josh is a sound engineer, composer, producer and musician specialising in mixing, editing, production/arrangement and recording. With over 8 years of industry experience and 4 years working at Black Wall Studios, Josh has produced and engineered electronic music, bands, singer-songwriters and podcasts/dialog. See the playlist below to hear a number of his recordings produced at Black Wall Studios...

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